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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Here is an Exerpt of My Greatest Book "Cobra in the Closet: Roadmap to Realization"

Pages 151-152
Self-Coaching Exercise:  When was the last time you felt in really deep despair (#22 on ES)? In retrospect were you over-reacting? Typically we do. Time smoothes things out, we need to trust its efficient ability to bring what we need when we need it.
Unbelievable! The law of attraction kicks butt and takes names for me again! I just came up with the subtitle of the book 2 days ago! “Roadmap to Realization”. Today I finished the book I began 3 years ago, Career Chameleon it was time and I was ready. It’s subtitle is “Your Roadmap for Career Change”. I don’t know about you but those 2 both use “Roadmap”! I had not looked at the other book in 3 years. It’s almost like the Universe is telling me, “yes this is the correct subtitle, proceed!”. You must admit the odds are pretty low unless I have a subconscious that always thinks in terms of roadmaps. Anyway, I believe it’s the law of attraction and am really jazzed about this as it feels directed from beyond if there is such a thing.
Powerful Intuition:   A woman’s name that I’ve know for a long time kept popping in my head today. Not once, not twice but 5 times. That’s when I said “ok, ok! I got it, call her!”. I did. She said she approached me 3 months ago with an idea to have relationship seminars for singles. I told her, we are doing this. I immediately saw the huge opportunity to have 2 hours with intelligent people. I can do what I want with them (in a good way of course!), and it can be motivational speaking and real coaching training. Hey! Maybe we can pull out the new coaching game out that I created and used 2 Saturdays ago! This will be great to add to the efforts of the radio show, websites and books. I can sell all 3 there! One on health, one on career and one on relationships! Ding ding! This is really exciting and proof positive that my work these last 60 days is really starting to show results. I’m in appreciation of all that is coming to me!
Self-Coaching Exercise:  Take a good look at your major life areas. Where do you feel like you are really moving forward? How can you “allow” it all to come to you by eliminating worry and fear and embracing all that is on its way? Imagine you already have what you desire, see yourself enjoying it. Talk and act as if it’s done, with feeling is key.
This work, all this I have been telling you about in this book, is happening for me now and quickly (60 days). That is focus and single-mindedness and positive visualization, believing it would happen and acting like it already did. Wow, I’m overjoyed, thrilled, excited, tearful as it is finally happening and my theories expanded on in this work are confirmed for me at a ridiculously high level.

Monday, 30 May 2011

An exerpt From "Killing Yourself With Your Fork!?" Available for sale for $5 only for the ebook!

Here is an exerpt from my first book on healthy living, "Killing Yourself With Your fork?!". This is from

Chapter 1:

Bountiful Benefits To a Vital And Healthy Body

If you want to get healthy, you need incentives, “carrots” to motivate you. There will also be some “sticks”, some of the information will frighten you. We often hear “without your health, you have nothing!” I agree, but few back up their words with actions. Of course you have your own reasons for wanting more health. I have listed below many of the reasons to want to be vibrant. I have discovered these through working with my clients over the years. Why should you want to be healthy?

Energy is the currency of life. Without it you literally have nothing!

As a good summary here are the areas having huge vitality and health will create a better and longer life.

  1. Family: More energy to play, connect and be with your kids, not being dead-tired after work. Better connection through more attention to each moment.

  1. Significant Other:  More quality time for connecting, laughing as well as an improved and much more satisfying sex life will benefit you and your significant other. I can tell you from personal experience, as my girlfriend is a personal trainer: we have a sex life most 20 year olds would envy both in quality, quantity and joy. Do not underestimate the power of health on your sexual proficiency, appetite and enjoyment. An important piece of advice here: If only one partner becomes vital and healthy and the other does not, disconnections occur which can and often do break couples apart. So, do this as a couple. If your partner does not support your drive to a healthier more vital life you may want to re-evaluate the relationship as your health should be your number 1 priority no matter what or who is there (this may sound radical, but so is cancer).

  1. Fun:  What do you do for fun? If you are not in peak health the odds are high that you don’t enjoy the same variety and intensity of activities you did in your early 20’s when anything was possible. You have also probably bought into the “no one (sane) over X years old does that!” insanity our society propagates. I personally, still ride a dirt bike, jump off small cliffs skiing, snowboard, climb trees, dive from high places, and roughhouse with the kids, run in the woods with my dog, etc. Have you skydived yet? I haven’t but plan to next summer. I can tell you how fun and liberating it is to wear clothes the same size I did in university (20 years ago)!

  1. Money:  A few years ago before my health transformation, I could barely handle my full time job and had little energy for anything else. Today, I do that job, run 2 companies, am writing this book and have plans for hundreds of other things. Without the huge energy I enjoy daily this would be impossible. Think about it, what could you do with an extra quality 3 to 5 hours a day? I’ll bet you, you could make a lot more money! By living healthier you will live longer and have more opportunities for an inheritance. Money is worthless without the energy and health to use it.  Ask anyone in a long term care health facility, and take in the movie “The Bucket List”.[i]

  1.  Personal Development:  What classes, courses have you been wanting to take but just can’t muster the energy and willpower to do so. Salsa lessons, self improvement classes and martial arts. Weekend seminars to grow. Travelling is so enjoyable when you have limitless energy to explore, visit and see new things. Being able to focus better and longer before tiring while reading a book allows more growth in all other aspects of your life.

  1. Career: How much more dynamic would you be in the office, in sales or whatever it is you do if you were always there, really there? A lot more! And you would enjoy it more. You could get promoted faster to better positions. It is a fact slimmer/healthier (more vital) people are seen as more industrious and enjoy more career promotions.

“ To lose one’s health renders science null, art inglorious, strength unvailing, wealth useless, and eloquence powerless.”                                                       Herophilus C. 300 B.C.

Here is an exerpt from "The Career Chameleon: Thriving in a New Reality" Available June 1, 2011 Here!

From Chapter 8: Preparing Your Market Campaign
8.42          Phone Success Techniques

Phone TECHNIQUE is a huge factor in a career search, and is learned through continued practice with phone presentations and is very important in making a presentation and become “second nature” to you. TECHNIQUE, married and coupled with the following guidelines for a basic phone presentation will assure a smooth and effective presentation (which will get you appointments).  Focus on the following:

1.                  VOICE:  Can almost by itself assure a successful phone presentation. When adapting your voice to the telephone, you should speak directly into the mouthpiece. Avoid calling on a mobile phone as your voice will sound tinny and the chance of a dropped or garbled call is significant. You might want to test your volume with a tape recorder, setting a volume that comes over evenly and can be heard without straining.

2.                  DICTION:  Is as important as the voice. The telephone isolates it,    magnifies every imperfection, and , and additionally distracts from the thought you wish to convey.

3.                  VOCABULARY:  Adjust to the respondent’s vocabulary level as nearly as possible. Be professional; never include any profane words in YOUR vocabulary no matter how slight, regardless of what language the respondent uses.

4.                  CONVERSATION SPEED:  Adjust the speed of the conversation: “Mirroring” is the skill of matching the conversation speed of the other person. It really works. With a slow-speaking person, speak slightly faster so they will concentrate on what you are saying. Conversely, with a faster-speaking person, a shade slower will give good results. This will help avoid the “runaway train” effect where both speakers are rapid firing away with little comprehension.

5.                  SELF CONFIDENCE AND AUTHORITY:  Develop a high degree of authority and self confidence in your voice. Executive Assistants and receptionists will patch you right through to the decision maker when the qualities in your voice demand or earn it.  Speaking with  conviction will convey and demonstrate authority. The most guaranteed method to help you acquire authority and self confidence, however, is control of your presentation and positive thinking.

6.                   HUMOR:  Happiness is contagious and infectious! It’s a warm, friendly feeling that is easily transmitted. Place a mirror in front of you while dialing to make certain a happy face is part of every call. A smiling or laughing person makes the listener receptive to thoughts, ideas and suggestions. An old boss of mine said “smile and dial!”.

7.                  FIRMNESS:  As mentioned earlier, NEVER APOLOGIZE! Be courteous, considerate as well as confident, but always avoid making a direct apology. Never open a communication with a comment of the type, “I’m sorry to have bothered you.” You add value, until you have this mindset, don’t contact anyone!

8.                  PRACTICE:   Makes perfect. The top professionals in every field reached success because of one thing…practice! Professional sports teams, as a clear example, demand that even the best players attend all practices. On the phone, you as those athletes, can be the best…with practice, practice, practice.

In summary, as you develop and apply a perfected phone TECHNIQUE with well thought presentations and you WILL invariably achieve your desired results. At this point you should refer to Exhibit 9 : The Telephone Appointment Setting Worksheet, and fill it in to get ready for your calls..